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Centerline Solutions

Knowledge is the key to building a business and operating profitably.


To provide custom, knowledge and skills based process and operations structured training and documentation that adds value for organizations and teams.


Centerline Solutions performs as a project-based partner, serving as your custom consultant or documentation and training department to get your project completed properly, on time, and within budget.


Knowledge – now more than ever – is the key to building a business and operating profitably.

People, processes and technologies change and are becoming increasingly complex. And, as staffing knowledge changes, experience grows, and turnover occurs, the value of knowledge and information – or the “cost” of underdeveloped intellectual capital – has a much greater impact on the bottom line.

Whether you manufacture consumer products, process chemicals, produce energy, or operate and maintain buildings, workforce knowledge and expertise is essential to maintaining a competitive edge, improving performance, and increasing profitability.

For an organization to grow and cultivate its knowledge base, it must be able to capture and distribute existing knowledge, graft new knowledge onto the current knowledge base, and use that knowledge to effectively train future generations of employees. Documentation and training are the keys that enable an organization to realize the potential value of, and effectively manage, its knowledge and information assets.


We work on projects of all scopes and sizes from simple equipment and staffing procedures to facility-wide or process level operations and maintenance manuals. We are experts in this field. We provide effective and efficient services and performance that is difficult for businesses to match with in-house staff. After all, this is all we do.

We have developed and utilize a systematic and structured approach to documentation and training based on a thorough needs assessment and sound instructional design principles. This reduces development and project costs and helps ensure that valid requirements are met effectively and efficiently.

Centerline Solutions brings a broad and deep level of expertise to your assistance. We get it done right – the first time. More importantly, we’ll work with you to develop a scope of work that meets your objectives. We know what being done means.

Why Centerline Solutions

Focus Your Time on Your Operations.

“There is never time to do it right the first time, but there is always time to do it again.”

If you are like most of our clients, you are fully tasked and focused on daily operations and running the business. You have enough on your plate making your organization run smoothly. Let Centerline Solutions shoulder the burden and help your organization manage its critical and valuable knowledge or skills assets.

Documentation – Why Capture Knowledge?

Documentation is an organization’s knowledge and information archive. It includes policy and guidance documents, logs and records, standard operating procedures, operating and maintenance manuals, job aids, and the many other forms of materials that contain information about an organization and its processes, products, and culture. Documentation provides the means of capturing the tacit knowledge of its workforce and enables the distribution of that knowledge throughout the organization. Documentation is the solid foundation upon which to anchor an effective training program.

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